Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen

Studentische Bildungsinitiativen

In order to start a studentische Bildungsinitiative you need to


1. have an idea. What is your interest? What do you want to learn? What are the topics you can't find in you curriculum that you are keen on knowing and working on? You chose the language


2. have a group of students with a similar interest. Two or more students come together and plan the studentische Bildungsinitiative by defining their learning-interest and aims


3. write a conceptual paper that describes what you want to learn and how (there will be an example in English on our website in short), who is involved. In this paper the group will also show a timetable and the process of learning. This includes the calculation of  the overall workload of the module


4. find a mentor. You and your fellows find a teacher in the CAU who is willing to support your project. The Mentor has to sign for your concept as well as for your documentation. You hand the paper in at the ZfS (to Wibke Matthes)


5. start working and come to the Stammtische (regular meetings) which are open to all the studentische Bildungsinitiativen in progress. Find time and place of the Stammtische in the univis. Participation is not mandatory


6. write a documentation on your project (there will be examples on the website).


7. When you are done, all your aims have been reached and you have achieved what you wanted to do, register for the examination (you can get help with that at the Stammtisch). The examination takes place every semester at the last Stammtisch-appointment. If you can't finish your project in one semester, take the next examination date possible.

Please find important documents below.