We like to cooperate. For us, offering and organising cross-disciplinary teaching requires thinking and acting in networks and within a wider context.

Kiel University lays down its quality standards for the areas of studying and teaching in a policy paper which states: "Kiel University describes itself as a university of interconnected academic cultures. Its members will thus act according to the principle :'Thinking and acting in networks'."

At the ZfS we live this principle every day.

If you have any questions that we don't answer in the following pages, please contact us!


Zum Bereich: Wie ist das ZfS mit den Fakultäten der CAU verbunden?
How is the ZfS connected with Kiel University's faculties?
Zum Bereich: Welche Kooperationspartner hat das ZfS?
Who are the ZfS' cooperation partners?
Zum Bereich: An welchen Projekten arbeitet das ZfS aktuell?
What projects is the ZfS currently working on?


Zum Bereich: Wie kann ich einen Praktikumsplatz offerieren?
How can I offer an internship?
Zum Bereich: Was bietet das ZfS für Alumni?
What does the ZfS offer alumni?
Zum Bereich: Wie werden im ZfS Schlüsselkompetenzen vermittelt?
How are key competences taught at Kiel University?