How are key competences taught at Kiel University?


Schlüsselkompetenzen vermitteln

Key competences can be acquired in all study programmes at Kiel University: integrated into all subjects’ degree programmes, cooperatively, and also additively.

In all degree programmes it is possible to acquire key competences as an integrated part of studying; this is then embedded in any subjects’ courses and seminars and is closely connected to the learning content. During their studies students practice e.g. presentation techniques, analytical thinking, discussion and team skills: this is done by working in small groups with other students, giving talks, writing their own academic and scientific texts and in researching literature.

Here “cooperatively” means that elements of key competences are provided as separate components of study courses. This can be done by qualified teachers or members of the ZfS staff. For example, as part of a particular course the students might simulate facilitating a conference, having previously taken part in a training event on the basics of facilitation.

“Additively” in this context means that in the ZfS’ own courses, acquiring key competences becomes the main teaching content; these skills are learned within the bounds of an individual’s disposition. This focus gives students the chance to get to know and try out competences, which in turn enables them to take action, addressing both their individual as well as societal needs. The additive courses are designed for students of all subject areas. The heterogeneous constellation in the learning groups creates a transdisciplinary learning space; this opens up personal perspectives at all subject boundaries.