For teaching staff

As a lecturer at Kiel University, you have the opportunity to open your event to students of all subjects. We are looking for offers from our university in all areas of key qualifications (general studies, expertise, competences on societal issues, social-communicative competence and self-competence).

The interdisciplinary offer of the KSC thrives on your willingness to think interdisciplinary and act in a transdisciplinary manner. We would be happy to support and advise you. Your contact person in this case is Wibke Matthes.

Please note our deadlines for new / changed modules: 15.1. for the summer semester and 15.6. for the winter semester!

The advantage of an open subject's course lies in the possibility of promoting interdisciplinary learning, providing neighboring subject students with useful additional qualifications and pursuing general educational goals, but above all using administrative advantages. The publication of your module within the general catalogue entails the anchoring of the associated examination in the POS / QIS, so that online registration can be made possible for the students and you can enter the performance directly. All the steps for opening your event are summarized again for you here: Guide (in German).

We are looking for people with practical experience who can give our students an insight into their professional field within the framework of a seminar and guide them to try it out in practice. We like to work with people from business, culture and society. If you are interested in a teaching position, please contact Wibke Matthes.