How can I open my course for students from all subjects areas?

Zeichnung in schwarz-weiß: Wie öffne ich meine Veranstaltung für Studierende aller Fächer?

As a teacher at Kiel University you have the chance to offer your course to students from all subject areas. We are looking for courses offered at our university from all areas of key competence (general studies, competence from other areas of expertise, competence in societal issues, communicative competence). To an overview of the modules currently on offer. To an overview of the modules currently on offer.

The cross-disciplinary courses offered at the ZfS exist thanks to your willingness to think across subject areas and act across discipline boundaries. We are happy to support you in this. Your contact person is the Head of “Fachergänzung” (Supplementary Studies), Wibke Matthes.  

There are many advantages to opening your courses to all students: this promotes cross-disciplinary learning; it also allows students to gain extra qualifications in useful subjects closely related to their own. Above all, it offers administrative advantages: publishing your module in the general catalogue anchors the corresponding examination within POS/QIS, enabling students to register online and allowing you to enter their marks directly.