Key Skills Centre (ZfS)

Technology and Media

For members of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities the Key Skills Centre (ZfS) IT organisation team provides IT support and information. There are a total of 100 computer workplaces (Windows PCs and Apples). In the MUL room you will find a language lab with Sanako Lab 1200 software and many possibilities for teaching support in language training. The Key Skills Centre’s resources may be used during official courses or for students’ individual practical exercises.

► The Key Skills Centre: rooms and equipment

Tutors and students of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities may borrow devices such as netbooks, projectors and digital audio recorders. An early reservation of devices is recommended.

The Key Skills Centre provides assistance if you have any questions or technical problems regarding the Faculty’s SVS, a system of examination administration and course applications, The Centre will also assist with any technical problems regarding the LSF system.