How and where can I apply?

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Applying to register in courses

Application and registration procedures vary from subject to subject. Some application periods may be held before the start of the lecture period. Please consult UnivIS to find out how and when you can apply for your course; alternatively you can enquire directly at the faculty offering the course.

Please note that you must register online for the EXAMINATIONS of all courses that take place in the lecture period. You can find more information on this procedure on Kiel University’s central pages on examinations.


  • Applying to register in courses
    To apply for a place in a course please use the Campusmanagementsystem (HISinOne). Your user’s name is your stu-identity number (and its password). 
  • Cancellation
    You may cancel your application at any time using the Campusmanagementsystem (HISinOne).


Application periods

  • First application period - Random allocation of places
    16.10.2020 11:00 to 27.10.2020 23:59

    During this period you can apply for courses in the supplementary studies area using the Campusmanagementsystem (HISinOne). It is recommended that you acquire 5 ECTS per semester in this area. As places in the courses are allocated randomly, you may elect up to 5 courses of your choice to increase chance of getting a place.
    As of 28.10.2020 at 10:00 you will see in Campusmanagementsystem (HISinOne) which courses you are enrolled in. Please be sure to cancel your applications for any courses you no longer wish to attend.

  • Second application period - First come, first served
    30.10.2020 11:00 to 15.11.2020 23:59

    Any places still available can now be filled immediately, unlike in the first application period. You can see straight away if you have been awarded a place.


Overview of the status of your registration in the Campusmanagementsystem (HISinOne):

  • Vorgemerkt

    You have earmarked a course. Earmarking works like a bookmark that you can remove any time. Earmarking has no effect on the status of your application.

  • an

    You have applied for a course in the Campusmanagementsystem (HISinOne).

  • ab
    You have not been awarded a place in the course of your choice.

  • st
    Your place in the course was cancelled (e.g. by the teacher, if the admission requirements have not been met).

  • zu
    You have been awarded a place in this course and may take part.
    Only “zu” shows you have been enrolled in the course.