Student assistants

The Key Skills Centre’s student assistants are there to help you with questions regarding e-learning (OLAT, Prezi etc.) or on technical equipment (e.g. borrowing devices or support for Apple devices). During the KSC opening hours there is always a student assistant at our reception desk; alternatively you can write an email at any time to

Mitarbeiterfoto Hannah Bahr
Hannah Bahr 
Mitarbeiterfoto Mark Lüthje
Mark Lüthje 
Mitarbeiterfoto Alexei Gadjiu
Alexei Gadjiu 
Mitarbeiterfoto Laura-Alina Knuth
Laura-Alina Knuth 
Mitarbeiterfoto C.Tsouvalidou
Chris. Tsouvalidou 
Mitarbeiterfoto Meike Röhm
Meike Röhm 
Mitarbeiterfoto Tarik Belaid
Tarik Belaid 
Mitarbeiterfoto Thomas Teucke
Thomas Teucke 
Mitarbeiterfoto Dennis Wolf
Dennis Wolf