Anja Gehl

Motto Anja Gehl, Will man Schweres bewältigen, muss man es leicht angehen.



Year Occupation
Since 2016     Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin im ZfS für den Bereich gesellschaftliche Kompetenz, CAU Kiel
2005-2016 Teacher, project manager and deputy manager of an advice centre for long-term unemployed people, Rabs gGmbH
2000-2003 Teacher in adult education, afbb Akademie für berufliche Bildung GmbH (an academy for professional education)
1999 Graduated as Diplom-Pädagogin (qualified educationalist) majoring in Social Education, Kiel University


Main responsibilities

Service-Learning working group, teaching in the area of societal competence

Professional focus

Reflecting on societal problems to initiate change processes, assuming responsibility for justice and sustainability in our society, promoting and supporting societal commitment for personality development (Service Learning