Ulf Evert

Motto Ulf Evert, Hohe Bildung kan man dadurch beweisen, dass man die koplizierten Dinge auf einfache Art zu erläutern versteht. Von George Bernard Shaw


Year Occupation
Since 2015 Academic staff at the ZfS in the areas of science communication and social communicative competence
2011-2015 Freelance work as a science communicator
2007-2010 Academic staff of the Zoological Institute of Kiel University
2004-2006 Work at the IPN (Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education) (BUW) and for the Institute of Phytopathology, Kiel University
2004 Graduated “Diplom-Biologe” (Diplom-Biologist) Kiel University


Main resposibilities

Developing a certificate programme “Science Communication”, organising the Science Show, coordinating the organisation and hosting of TEDxKielUniversity events

Professional focus

Science communication, the art of presenting, authenticity and personality development, project and event management