Wibke Matthes

Motto Wibke Matthes, Gemeinsam Lernorte schaffen, wo aus Fachwissen Handlungsfähigkeit wird.



Year Occupation
Since 2015 C.E.O. and Head of Supplementary Studies, Director of the ZfS
2007-2015 Academic staff of the ZfS in the areas of competences from other areas of expertise and vocational orientation
2003 Graduated as a political scientist, Freie Universität Berlin/ University of Melbourne, Australia
1997-1998 Worked for Bon Prix-Handelsgesellschaft mbH, marketing department
1997 Graduated as business administrator, wholesale and export, Otto Versand GmbH&Co KG


Main responsibilities

Advising on supplementary studies; developing teaching programmes for supplementary key competences; developing organisation across faculties; network building for quality development in teaching; supporting differentiated didactical approaches in interdisciplinary formats; promoting entrepreneurial thinking and acting as a key competence

Professional focus

Science communication certificate programme; sustainability priority programme; diversity priority programme; student education initiatives; developing subject-related courses