Meet the ZfS associate teachers!

  • Peter Brandhorst
    - Journalist and sociologist - 
    Peter Brandhorst worked with the street magazine “Hinz & Kunzt” in Hamburg before becoming chief editor of Kiel’s street magazine “Hempels” in 2003. What fascinates Peter Brandhorst about the street people he works with is the strength with which they try to get back on their own feet. This is why it is so important to him that the students in his seminars prove their own independence and show initiative. In this process he sees himself as a guide: he teaches foundational journalism skills and offers support in identifying and dealing with topics, until the students publish a complete edition of the magazine.

    Peter Brandhorst offers the seminar “Journalismus in der Praxis” (journalism in practice) at the ZfS.

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  • Harm Brandt
    - Computer Scientist -
    Harm Brandt chairs the board of Campus Business Box e.V. and is a co-founder of opencampus and starterkitchen. With all his initiatives he constantly pursues the goal of giving students more practical experience during their studies. He organizes start-up weekends, innovation camps, prototyping week and starterkitchen. Most recently he initiated, on open high-tech workshop with 3-D printers, laser cutters and many other devices.

    Harm Brandt offers the seminar “opencampus – Praxisperspektiven” (open campus – practical prospects) at the ZfS.

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  • Dr. Till Dietsche
    - Sinology and Media Science, M.A. -
    - Motion Picture, Video, Master of Arts -
    Till Dietsche is a ‘Kieler’ by birth and Taiwanese by choice. He is the founder and curator of the Short Film Festival in the city of Tainan in Taiwan; he is also on the preselection committee of interfilm, the International Short Film Festival in Berlin. Since 2016 he is the Festival Director of the International Ocean Film Festival CineMare Kiel.

    Till Dietsche offers the seminar “Berufsfeldorientierung Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten mit der Kamera – Dokumentarfilm (vocational field orientation: academic work with the camera – documentary film) at the ZfS.

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  • Michael Dolz
    - Social scientist (Diplom) and sociologist -
    Michael Dolz has many years’ experience in strategical marketing and the field of urban, regional and property development. When he’s not busy discussing elements of cultural science in urban development with his students he dedicates his time – with Arealisten - to the needs of people in spaces and properties.

    Michael Dolz offers the seminars “Berufsfeldorientierung Marketing – Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftler als Heilsbringer in der Werbesinnkrise?” (vocational field orientation marketing – humanities scholars and social scientists as saviours in the advertising identity crisis?) and “Berufsfeldorientierung: Wer ist deine Stadt? Wie Geisteswissenschaftler helfen können, Stadtmarken tatsächlich zu Freunden ihrer Bewohner zu machen” (vocational field orientation: Who is your town? How humanities scholars can help a town’s marks to actually make friends with its inhabitants) in the ZfS.

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  • Guido Froese
    - Jurist -
    From 1996 to 2007 Guido Froese was director of the Cultural Office Münsterland; he established the “Kunst und Kultur Münsterland” (Münsterland Art and Culture) foundation and chaired several cultural associations. Since 2007 he is the head of academy and managing director of Nordkolleg in Rendsburg. His voluntary work includes chairing the Landeskulturverband S-H, the culture foundation of the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde and sitting on various other boards.

    Guido Froese offers the seminar “Berufsfeldorientierung Kulturmanagement” (vocational field orientation culture management) in the ZfS.

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  • Alexander Grass
    Alexander Grass has been a communication trainer since 1999. Since 2002 he has assumed project and management responsibility in various positions. This broader spectrum of work responsibilities also introduced him to topics concerning management qualification and personnel development. In his firm "Trainingsdiele" at present he supports middle-sized enterprises in change processes (project coordination), gives seminars on client communication and MS Office, and teaches at two universities.

    Alexander Grass offers the seminar “Berufsfeldorientierung Kommunikationstrainer” (vocational field orientation: communication trainer) at the ZfS.

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  • Frank Kühne
    - Bookseller and M.A. literary studies, musicology and philosophy -
    Frank Kühne has been active in the children’s books sector since 1994; since 2000 he has worked for Carlsen Verlag (Carlsen Publishing). His professional focus lies in children’s books for the age range one to six years. When he’s not busy with the heroes of these books he likes to hand on his expertise to students of all subjects at Kiel University.

    Frank Kühne offers the seminar “Berufsfeldorientierung – Berufsfeld Kinder- und Jugendbuch” (vocational field orientation: professional field children and young peoples’ books) at the ZfS.

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  • Frederik Steinbock
    - Geographer (Diplom) -
    Frederik Steinbock’s professional experience lies in running stands for trade fairs, in marketing and in tourism. Since 2014 he has organised practical courses at In his work with students, societal commitment and service learning are of central importance to him.

    Frederik Steinbock offers the seminar “opencampus – WISSEN SCHAFFT GUTES – Soziale Praxisprojekte und gesellschaftliches Engagement” (opencampus – SCIENCE DOES GOOD – social practical projects and societal commitment) at the ZfS.

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  • Robert Tschuschke
    - Master of modern and recent history and of modern German philology -
    During his studies Robert Tschuschke tackled the history of German radio and the emergence of a public sphere. Since 1999 he has held various positions as a journalist, a reporter, a freelance author and a freelance worker for NDR and other radio stations. It is important to him to give his students an insight into the journalism business. He does this by helping the students to work practically and then exchange ideas and experience.
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  • Karin Wiegmann-Lux
    - Economist -
    Karin Wiegmann-Lux has worked in accounting/controlling in Bavaria where she also taught organisational studies. During this time she studied Japanese translation, culture and history. She has lived in Japan and Spain; for some years she was also an active member of the German-Japanese society in Schleswig Holstein.

    At Kiel University she offers the seminars “Japan – Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur” (Japan – language, history and culture) and „Japanische Wirtschaft“ (Japanese economy).

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