Oktober 2020: Richtig gut Studieren. Schlüsselkompetenzen im Lichte der Digitalisierung - German

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The fourth issue of the magazine Richtig gut studieren deals with the digital summer semester, the learnings and the consequences for the teaching of key competencies. How does the learning offer have to change? How can it be geared towards the future skills? Find out what requirements CAU students place on their studies in terms of key competencies. Read about the reactions of the teachers and about new teaching projects at the Key Skills Centre.











March 2020: Richtig gut Studieren. Mit Reflexion in die Zukunft - German

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In the third issue of our magazine, we dedicate ourselves to dealing with the results of the first Kiel competence dock and report on our lessons learned. You will read about the impressions of various participants, about the networking successes in the Open Ship and the creative forms of securing results from the Design Dock. Find out how the Key Skills Centre integrates future skills into the offers for students of all subjects.











November 2019: Richtig gut Studieren. Welche Kompetenzen braucht unsere Zukunft? - German

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The second edition of your magazine is accompanying reading to belong to the 1st Kiel Competence Dock and deals with the question of the key competencies of the future. Keywords such as future work or 21st century skills are taken up and classified. How can students adapt well to the challenges of the future in times of change and digital transformation?












March 2019: Richtig gut Studieren. Beratung für freie Wahlbereiche im Studium der CAU. - German

Titelseite Magazin

What options does the Key Skills Centre offer for the free elective areas in a degree program at the CAU? In this issue we use interviews with employees of the KSC to present topics such as academic integrity, individual profile building by setting priorities and the importance of key skills. The employees give an insight into their work areas.













2015: Schlüsselkompetenzen im Hochschulstudium - German

Schlüsselkompetenzen im Hochschulstudium von Ufert- Detlef-Fach StudienratgeberAuthor/Editor

Ufert, Detlef  


Guide for Students;


The authors develop a comprehensive concept for teaching key skills at university, an area of increasing importance.

What are key skills and how can they be integrated into university teaching? How can students learn self-reflection?

The authors demonstrate four “learning spaces” for cross-disciplinary key competences: expertise and communicative, personal and social competences. They identify the most important (sub-)competences within these four areas.