How can I cover my optional modules?

Zeichnung in schwarz-weiß: Wie kann ich meine Wahlpflichtmodule abdecken?

Your curriculum includes an optional course area with one of the following names:

  • Supplementary studies
  • General studies
  • Profilierungsbereich
  • Kiel University
  • Open Studies
  • Cross-disciplinary optional modules
  • Modules from courses at other faculties
  • Free optional modules
  • Optional modules from Kiel University
  • Interdisciplinary key competences
  • Non-technical optional modules from all Kiel University courses
  • External optional section
  • Free selection from all Kiel University courses


In this case, you can cover your optional modules through the Key Skills Centre. All modules offered by the KSC are part of the double-subject Bachelor's degree programme.

The overall curriculum for the optional modules - an important legal basis for organizing your studies - can be found in our Catalogue of Modules. The catalog does not contain any current courses. Please note that you must first select the right courses for you from the current offer and - if necessary after consulting your respective examination office or the course coordination - register for the course and later for the associated module examination. Please note that all courses are assigned to modules. The completion of a module may require successful participation in several courses belonging to the module.