What documents should I submit?

At the end of your internship please submit the following documents during the ZfS’ opening hours or come directly to the office hours of the Internships Office:

  • Fully completed checklist
  • A copy of your internship certificate (if you did two partial internships please hand in both certificates)
  • In accordance with internships regulations your certificate should bear your name, your date of birth as well as the duration of the internship and a description of the work performed. This should be written on the company’s official letterhead, bearing your employer’s signature and the company stamp. There is a sample certificate available for you.
  • Your internship report in PDF format should be sent by email to  


Please submit your report at the same time as or before you hand in your other documents. Your documents cannot be processed until your internship report has been submitted.

You will be informed by email (to your stu mail address) as soon as your documents have been processed.

What should I bear in mind while writing my internship report?

You submit your internship report in PDF format at the same time as or prior to submitting the checklist (see documents to submit). This should be done by email to The internship report’s formal requirements basically match those of a term paper. The following formalities should be noted in particular:

  • The report should be three to five pages long.
  • The contents of the reports are to be rendered anonymous. This means that e.g. names will be abbreviated (Ms A., Mr B.). No personal data of the writer should be found in the report. Name and matriculation number will only be entered on the checklist to be submitted.
  • Your employer may read the report.
  • The intern is required to agree to publication on the checklist; the intern should also request that the employer agrees to publication. If either party does not agree, the report will not be published. The formal requirements are met by submitting the report. Any publication is volontary.

Should I register for the examination online?

For the internship and the internship report no prior registration is required.