General information

What is the legal foundation of the general practical module?

The legal foundations are laid down in the internship regulations and the module description of the general practical module.

What is the aim of the general practical module?

“As part of supplementary studies, a practical module (optional module) must be completed successfully. Students whose professional goals lie outside academia should be given the chance to gain an insight into possible fields of professions and employment; in this way they will be confronted with the demands and particularities of practical work. Students should have the opportunity to check their professional motivation and their choice of profession, and to gain ideas for further shaping their course of studies.” (§2 Examination regulations)

Is the general practical module the right choice for me?

If you are studying a double-degree subject programme with supplementary studies, taking a practical module is compulsory. In addition to the general practical modules there are various alternative practical modules available to you. You will find the full selection of possible modules in the Supplementary Studies’ module catalogue and in the university course catalogue under "Praktikum" (internship).

When should I do my practical module?

You determine at what time during your studies you complete your general practical module. It is usual to do your internship during the lecture-free period.

How is the general practical module structured?

The general practical module consists of:

  • a course on professional orientation (2.5 credits)
  • dThe internship itself and an internship report (7.5 credits in total)