What can I find at the ZfS?

Zeichnung in schwarz-weiß: Was finde ich im ZfS?





We teach courses

We offer over 50 modules in cross-disciplinary key competences. Some of our courses are held in English. You may choose your module from one of the following areas:

  • Self competence (e.g. self management or academic work)
  • Social communicative competence(e.g. conflict management, intercultural communication or science communication)
  • Competence from other areas of expertise(e.g. business management principles or language courses)
  • • Competence in societal issues(e.g. flight and migration or professional orientation)


We organise modules and courses

We are responsible for organising and coordinating supplementary studies in the double subject degree programme; we offer modules for all students in the area of general optional modules. Over 200 modules drawn from various subjects within the whole university are open to you.

We supervise the practical modules

Students of double subject degree programmes are required to take a practical module involving a professional internship of several weeks; we supervise these.

We advise on supplementary studies

We are happy to answer all your questions regarding supplementary studies within your double subject degree programme. If you have any questions regarding accreditation and recognition of your credits please contact Wibke Matthes.